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Complex Global Trends Are Affecting Cities

Many of today’s cities are feeling the strain of rapid and profound change. Unprecedented challenges - driven by the complex interaction of factors such as growing populations, land scarcity, social inequalities and lifestyle illnesses - are placing a heavy burden on the social infrastructure of the modern city.

Harnessing Physical Activity’s True Potential

ACW is the bold, ambitious response to these challenges, providing policymakers across the world with better knowledge and insights to harness the true potential of sport and physical activity in their cities.

What ACW is up to...

Last May 2018, the cities of Auckland, Singapore and London joined the first ACW Conference in London. This was the occasion for cities to share key findings on their respective local drivers and outcomes of physical activity and to already reflect on the best strategies to move forward. ACW is attending the World Cities Summit taking place in Singapore in July 2018. ACW will be intervening at different events, on the contribution of physical activity to social resilience.