2019 ACW Annual Report

ACW 2019 Annual Report

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ACW is a global network of like-minded cities - led by cities for cities

Our mission is to provide policymakers with the evidence to take action and improve the lives of its citizens through increasing physical activity levels

ACW is a multi-city initiative, using advanced data analytics, the latest in health, social and economic research and global benchmarking to deliver unique insights on drivers and outcomes of physical activity

About ACW

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Complex Global Trends Are Affecting Cities

Many of today’s cities are feeling the strain of rapid and profound change. Unprecedented challenges - driven by the complex interaction of factors such as growing populations, land scarcity, social inequalities and lifestyle illnesses - are placing a heavy burden on the social infrastructure of the modern city.

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Increasing Participation

There is growing recognition of the role of physical activity as a force for social good. ACW has been at the forefront, helping cities to understand, deliver and capture new insights and opportunities.


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